Frequently Asked Questions

What is bioethanol and what does POET have to do with it?

Bioethanol – also called alcohol, ethyl-alcohol, and grain alcohol – is a clear, colorless liquid that is the main ingredient in alcoholic beverages like beer, wine or brandy. Because it can readily dissolve in water and other organic compounds, bioethanol is also an ingredient in a range of everyday products from disinfectants and cosmetics to paints and varnishes to eco-friendly biofuel used to power your vehicle. POET is the largest producer of bioethanol and its coproducts in the world.

How effective is POET Hand Sanitizer?

Alcohol at 60-80% (by volume) is the fastest-acting approved disinfectant and effectively kills the widest range of bacteria, fungi and viruses in comparison to the other leading antiseptics. The 60-80% range is the most effective; anything higher is less potent due to the absence of water, making proteins less easily denatured.

Why do some hand sanitizers smell bad and how does the Poet Hand Sanitizer differ?

Purified bioethanol is the active ingredient in hand sanitizer. COVID-19 created a massive shortage of Hand Sanitizer so the FDA waived standard ingredient practices and permitted lower quality bioethanol. The waiver created an inconsistency in the smell and quality of Hand Sanitizers, so consumers may have noticed Hand Sanitizers having a poor smell if less purified ingredients were used.

POET Hand Sanitizer is one of the purest, safest and best smelling products available. POET Hand Sanitizers consist of purified bioethanol that is well within the FDA’s pre-COVID standards. Each batch is distilled multiple times and carbon filtered to remove those smelly impurities. To prove how pure our product is, we don’t even add any fragrance!

How do I know that POET Hand Sanitizer is safe?

Our liquid sanitizer product has been tested by third party toxicologists and toxicologists for several leading hospitals. All concur that POET Sanitizer is as safe or safer than any other sanitizers on the market.

What form of sanitizer is best: gel, foam, or liquid?

It does not necessarily matter what form your sanitizer comes in; what’s important is how the active ingredient (which, in most cases, is 60-80% alcohol) is produced and purified. The alcohol purification process determines the purity, smell, and specification of the final sanitizer product. POET recommends that consumers find out where and how the active ingredient was produced; if the alcohol is effectively purified, sanitizer in any form will be pure and sufficient.

POET uses only POET Pure™ Bioethanol to make our product. For this reason we are able to be completely transparent about our supply chain, and customers can be assured that our sanitizer is of the highest quality.